Rich trending and capacity planning features allow for the most accurate forecasting for budget and IT infrastructure needs.

Enterprise Performance Data Management

Enterprises are taking steps to become leaner, business is becoming more and more competitive, and the success of any organization is becoming increasingly more reliant on the performance of the IT organization and the underlying infrastructure they have created. The challenges companies face daily – increased customer demands, decreased customer loyalty, increased user demands, globalization, compliance, deregulation – will increase exponentially if the critical infrastructure cannot perform well enough to handle all of the demands placed on it.

Sightline Systems has been delivering leading edge performance management solutions to Global 2000 organizations for more than 20 years. Sightline’s advanced technology collects thousands of relevant metrics from your business-critical systems, and provides a single data source for efficient monitoring and capacity planning purposes. No point solutions or silos, no finger pointing, no excessive maintenance costs, implementation timeframes or support efforts – one solution designed to proactively manage the performance of your infrastructure, to not only meet, but exceed all of your IT objectives, and to provide you with peace of mind.

Sightline’s software solutions allow you to perform cross platform service delivery in an enterprise-wide environment, including Microsoft® Windows™, UNIX, Linux, HP OpenVMS, Stratus VOS, Unisys™ ClearPath and more. Need to manage the performance of databases or applications? No problem – Sightline provides solutions to monitor the performance of many popular databases and applications, including Oracle, DB2, Microsoft Exchange, MySQL and more.

Sightline backs up its solutions with ROIs that have been proven out in some of the largest, most complex and diverse networks globally. These significant results have been proven out time and time again, and appear more rapidly as customers use our single solution set to manage more and more of their infrastructure. Our customers have gone beyond traditional performance management and capacity planning in using Sightline’s solutions for offering new services, virtualization, SLA management for internal and external customers, pre-deployment testing and much more.

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